Our Business

The aim of Zaritron, LLC is to insure a bright and successful future for your company.

Zaritron, LLC has the ability to repair items that seem to be beyond repair. Instead of spending more money buying brand new equipment, we can repair equipment for a fraction of the cost.

Call Zaritron, LLC today and avoid having to keep your machine production down. With excellent repair service, a cheaper cost, and quick turnaround time, your machine production will be back to its full potential in no time!



Standard Turnaround Service

The usual turnaround time is 5 business days, yet sometimes a repair may take longer than usual if the needed part is not in our inventory. However, we will always attempt to repair your item within the standard time.

Rush Repair Service

Zaritron, LLC not only provides some of the fastest turnaround times, but we also offer a Rush Service. For a fee of 15% (minimum $80.00), we can expedite your repair to within 24-48 hours. We keep a large inventory of parts, therefore allowing some repairs to be accomplished within this 24-48 hour period. However, if the part is not in stock and needs to be ordered, the repair will normally take two to three days.  Sometimes, in the case of outdated parts, a rush repair is not reasonable and we can offer the repair as soon as the parts are in stock. Please notify us ahead of time if you will be using our Rush Service in correspondence with our repair service.

Emergency Repair service

Upon your request, if a repair requires us to work beyond our normal business hours, you will be charged with an overtime shop rate for the amount of time a technician is involved with the repair. This charge will apply whether or not the item is repaired.



All items are carefully evaluated in order to determine the actual repair price. We also provide free price quotes on all repairs. Additionally, fixed prices or flat rates are available for many products.

Once a repair quote is approved, we will establish the payment terms. Our standard payment terms are PIA and NET 10 on approved accounts. For your convenience, we accept Company checks or Credit cards, such as: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, & American Express through PayPal.


Under this warranty, the liability of Zaritron, LLC is limited to the replacement or repair of any defective components free of charge to our customer.

Shipping and any other fees for a returned product are the responsibility of the customer.

This warranty will not apply to products that fail due to improper operation, handling, storage, installation, carelessness, unacceptable environmental factors, and dirty or harmful surroundings.

Our warranty will be void if unauthorized repair or alteration is performed on repaired products.

Zaritron, LLC is not liable for direct or indirect damages or for injury to persons, property, or commercial loss arising from repair services or remanufactured products.

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